Water covers a large area of the earth that reaches about three quarters of the surfase of this planet; according to many statistics, the percentage of fresh water reached about 1% of the total water on earth.
But with the great need of fresh water, whether for drinking or other purposes such as agriculture, the investments in water treatment has become increasingly frequent.
One of the most important method is desalination of seawater.
Water treatment and purification are the procedures to eliminate unfavorable chemicals, natural contaminants, as well as suspended solids from water. The aim is to deliver water for certain applications. Water is disinfected for drinking, but water treatments may also be intended for different purposes including chemical, medical, pharmacological, industrial and/or others applications:
  • Physical methods such as sedimentation, distillation and filtration;
  • Biological methods slow sand filters or activated carbon;
  • Chemical methods such as coagulation, flocculation and chlorination;
  • Electromagnetic methods such as ultraviolet light.
ITC LTD  provide full services from feasibility study, to project, to installation of plant of our different water treatment systems.


Water disinfection means the removal, deactivation or killing of pathogenic microorganisms. Microorganisms are destroyed or deactivated, resulting in termination of growth and reproduction. When microorganisms are not removed from drinking water, drinking water usage will cause people to fall ill. There are different techniques to disinfect fluids and surfaces.
We can supply several disinfection techniques with the emphasis on environmental friendly solutions from Photocatalysis, to Ozone, Ultra Violet,  Chlorine Dioxide.



ITC has a range of Reverse Osmosis units designed and developed to protect a single appliance, process or whole facility. Installed as a single unit or as part of a modular water treatment solution, ITC Reverse Osmosis is the most effective and reliable form of water treatment available for the removal of undesirable elements from a given water supply.

It will remove 90-99 % of all dissolved solids and 98% of all bacteria and fine suspended particles below 1 micron particle size. Reverse Osmosis is a physical process that makes use of a semi-​permeable membrane to separate water from substances dissolved in it.


Not only for environmental protection reasons, but also more increasingly with regard to safeguarding the global drinking water needs. The sensitive ecological balance and the questions of future supplies depend especially on the comprehensive way we will be able to overcome the wastewater treatment problem. For the efficient, economical and reliable water treatment and wastewater purification you require high-performance and reliable equipment for your plants.

ITC LTD products include a variety of screening filtration, clarification, aeration and shut-off equipment recognised for efficiency and cost-effective performance. Our area of expertise includes the design, supply and installation of wastewater equipment for the municipal and industrial markets. Biologicals wastwater treatment processes are primarily designed for the removal of dissolved and suspended organic matter from wastewaters. 

Our wastewater treatment products and services are applicable in numerous industries, including: Process Water, Potable Water, Wastewater, Mineral Processing, Oil and Gas, Energy, Civil, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper.



Desalination of sea water is a water alternative management wich allows the use of the greatest reservoirs in the world: the oceans.
Seawater desalination technology made remarkable strides in many arid areas of the world. Increasing water crisis throughout the worlkd is the key aspect to drive the market need for water desalination over the coming years.

With the advances of desalination technologies, sea water has become and interesting water source to cope with fresh water shortage.
This process can be applied wherever a reliable source of water is needed. The most widely applied and commercially available technologies for sea wter desalination can be divided in two types: membrane processes and thermal processes.

Reverse osmosis and Nanofiltration are currently the leading sea water desalination solutions. The advances in key equipment (membranes, pumps, energy cost recovery devices), turned the process energy efficient, resulting in a low investment costs and low operaional costs.

All type of water can be produced from a desalination plant: Process water, Boiler water feeds, Food and beverage preparation, Food processing,  Rain water harvesting systems, Car washes, Ice and drinking water production, Laboratory water supplies, Manufacturing.


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